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64x64 Pixel "Ancient Chinese Carriage" Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kit

64x64 Pixel "Ancient Chinese Carriage" Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kit

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This diamond painting kit allows you to recreate a scene from ancient China - an ornate horse carriage. The 64*64 canvas vividly portrays an elaborately decorated carriage with tassels and silk, pulled by two mighty horses. Shining diamonds are precisely applied to highlight the details of the carriage, the valiant posture of the horses as well as the dress of the riders.

Product Features: 

  • 64*64 high quality ABS diamonds with 26 cutting surfaces capture the grandeur and artistry of ancient Chinese transport. A creative way to experience the splendor of Chinese history.        
  • The wooden frame made of natural wood complements this masterpiece showcasing Chinese cultural heritage. 
  • Easy to assemble with all dotting tools and instructions provided in English and Chinese. An enriching craft project to gain insight into Chinese history.
  • Vibrant image size 21*21*2.7CM makes a perfect wall decor for a study or living room.     
  • An inspiring gift for craft lovers, history aficionados as well as culture enthusiasts. Travel back in time through piecing together this stunning diamond painting kit bit by bit.

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