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32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Bee" Pixel Art

32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Bee" Pixel Art

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This is a piece of "Bee" pixel art made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego pieces, measuring about 26*26*1.6 cm. The work adopts simple colors and lines to perfectly show a flying bee, vivid and lifelike. 

This is an extremely vital decorative piece. The bee symbolizes diligence, unity and sweetness, giving people positive, upward and vibrant energy. This work uses the simplest technique to outline the image of the bee, allowing people to feel the vitality of life and making the room fresh and refreshing. It can be used as a small decoration in life or a small collection of artistic conception.

Product Features:  

  • Uses compatible Lego pieces, safe, reliable and meets the standard size of Lego pieces.    
  • The theme of "Bee" adopts simple colors and lines to truly show the image of bees.
  • 32*32 pieces, a total of 1024 Lego pieces, moderate difficulty to assemble, simple process, full of vitality and handmade feel. 
  • Suitable for people who like simple, refreshing and vibrant. Can be used as small decorations or small artistic pieces in life. 
  • Simple and generous packaging matches the style of the work, highlighting the concept of simplicity without losing vitality. 

This work takes the vital bee as the protagonist, simple but not simple, which can surely bring freshness and vitality. Welcome friends who like simple life to buy! We will provide you with a simple and full shopping experience. 

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