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32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Chinese Beckoning Cat" Pixel Art

32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Chinese Beckoning Cat" Pixel Art

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This is a piece of "Chinese Beckoning Cat" pixel art made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego pieces, measuring about 26*26*1.6 cm. The picture shows a lovely Chinese beckoning cat, with the word "LUCK" above, implying the wish to bring good luck. 

This is a decoration with extremely Chinese traditional cultural characteristics. As a mascot and decoration in the daily life of Chinese people, the beckoning cat is deeply loved by people. This work uses popular Lego bricks and pixel art elements to present the theme of the beckoning cat, allowing people to appreciate its Chinese style at a glance, which is quite decorative. It can not only be used as a modern decoration, but also a good choice to recall traditional Chinese culture.

Product Features:  

  • Uses compatible Lego pieces, safe, reliable and meets the standard size of Lego pieces. 
  • The theme of "Chinese Beckoning Cat" uses the image of the beckoning cat and the word "LUCK". 
  • 32*32 pieces, a total of 1024 Lego pieces, moderate difficulty to assemble, the production process needs careful carving.
  • Suitable for people who like Chinese traditional culture and auspicious decorations. Can be used as artworks or collections. 
  • Simple and traditional packaging highlights the charm of Chinese culture.  

This work takes the beckoning cat with strong Chinese style as the protagonist, which can surely brighten people's eyes and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Welcome cultural and decorative enthusiasts from all over the world to purchase! We will do our utmost to provide you with the most characteristic cultural experience.


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