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32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Extremely Abstract Underwater World" Pixel Art

32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Extremely Abstract Underwater World" Pixel Art

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This is a piece of "Extremely Abstract Underwater World" pixel art made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego pieces, measuring about 26*26*1.6 cm. Inspired by the underwater world, this pixel art uses 1024 Lego pieces for extreme abstraction and transformation, presenting a mysterious underwater scenery: the outline of sea anemones, the swimming of fish, the undulating sand dunes, allowing people to feel the wonders and vitality of the underwater ecosystem. 

This is a highly imaginative modern decoration. Under the minimalist expression technique, simple geometric figures produce infinite expressiveness, allowing people to experience reality in illusion. It not only arouses people's interest in abstract art, but also stimulates people's imagination of nature. It is a model work that perfectly combines abstract art and ocean elements.

Product Features:        

  • Uses compatible Lego pieces, safe, reliable and meets the standard size of Lego pieces. 
  • The theme of "Extremely Abstract Underwater World", using simple geometric figures to represent mysterious underwater scenery.       
  • 32*32 pieces, a total of 1024 Lego pieces, high difficulty to assemble, suitable for abstract art and handcraft enthusiasts.  
  • Suitable for abstract art and ocean element lovers over 14 years old, can be used as wall decorations or art collections. 
  • Simple and fashionable packaging, an elegant choice for minimalist artistic home decoration.

This highly imaginative piece of art will bring a romantic ocean atmosphere and abstract artistic sense into your life. Welcome collecting and decorating art enthusiasts to purchase! We will provide you with the most professional and considerate service. 

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