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32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Four Abstract Cute Little Animals" Pixel Art

32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Four Abstract Cute Little Animals" Pixel Art

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This is a piece of "Four Abstract Cute Little Animals" pixel art made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego pieces, measuring about 26*26*1.6 cm. This pixel art takes the cartoon images of four cute little animals as the theme, arranging 1024 Lego pieces according to their main colors and patterns for simple abstraction, piecing together four colorful cartoon little animals.

This is a creative decor full of innocence and imagination. Simple yet not simple, rich in minimalism, it can stimulate people's imagination and aesthetic interest, allowing people to experience richness in simplicity. The lines are smooth, the colors are simple and varied, with a strong visual impact. This set of pixel art is both modern art and an all-new choice for home decor and collectibles. 

Product Features:        

  • Uses compatible Lego pieces, safe, reliable and meets the standard size of Lego pieces.              
  • The theme of "Four Abstract Cute Little Animals", simple abstract interpretation based on cartoon animal images.
  • 32*32 pieces, a total of 1024 Lego pieces, moderate difficulty to assemble, suitable for exercising manual skills and aesthetic eyes.  
  • Suitable for art and collection lovers over 14 years old, can be used as modern art or learning decoration.  
  • Exquisitely packaged, a special choice for modern art, home decorations and collectibles. 

This set of pixel art is simple yet tension, which will bring a strong visual impact and aesthetic experience to your living or working space. Welcome art and collection lovers to purchase! We will process your order with the fastest speed and the best service.

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