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A Pixel Art of A Business Man Walking in The City Made of 32*32 Compatible Lego Bricks

A Pixel Art of A Business Man Walking in The City Made of 32*32 Compatible Lego Bricks

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This is an art of pixel depicting a business man walking in the city made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego bricks, sized around 26*26*1.6cm. With a simple and tidy picture, it vividly presents a scene of a man carrying a briefcase walking on the city street. Harmonious color and smooth outline make it lifelike. 

This handicraft item sized around 26*26*1.6cm is exquisite, simple and generous, a perfect decoration for office or home. All the bricks are high-quality, safe and reliable compatible Lego bricks. The assembling process is interesting and can stimulate imagination and creative thinking.

This pixel art of city walker is a work of passion from a designer who loves city culture and visual arts. It captures a fleeting moment in city life, implying ordinary but extraordinary moments in the journey of life. If you appreciate simple, generous and fashionable design, want a work that can not only decorate the space but also provoke thinking, this pixel art of city walker would be a great choice! Let the colors and lines vitalize your life!

The product details are mainly described to emphasize its handmade and high quality. It also expresses the imagination of it as a perfect choice for office or home decoration and stimulating creativity. The concise and vivid title presents the visual theme characteristics of the product. Hope to achieve good marketing effect. Please feel free to make appropriate modifications as needed. 

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