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DIY Building Brick Lighthouse Pixel Art Kit - 32*32 blocks

DIY Building Brick Lighthouse Pixel Art Kit - 32*32 blocks

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This is a fun DIY building brick pixel art kit that allows you to assemble a 32*32 block lighthouse picture with your own hands. The assembly process is simple and straightforward, suitable for people of all ages. After assembly, it can be used to decorate rooms or offices and become an exquisite handcraft. 

  • 32*32 modular building blocks, can assemble works of 26*26cm. 
  • Simple assembly instructions and digital images for easy reference to complete the work.
  • Exquisite lighthouse image design with minimalist and stylish pixel style.  
  • The hand-assembled process can cultivate aesthetic eyesight and patience.
  • The finished work can be a room decoration or gift, reflecting a unique style.
  • Suitable for children over 10 years old and adults, the assembly project requires a certain skill. 
  • Neat packaging, all parts are complete, convenient for storage and transportation.

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