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Fox and Butterfly Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

Fox and Butterfly Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

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This is a custom Fox and Butterfly pixel artwork made of 4096 Compatible LEGO bricks with 64*64 dots. A cunning fox and dancing butterflies form an innocent picture, perfect as a décor for a child's room or library.

Product Details: 

  • Constructed with 4096 high-quality Compatible LEGO bricks 
  • Overall size: 52.8x52.8x1.6cm   
  • Area of dots: 64*64
  • Assembled frame also made from LEGO bricks 
  • Based on the Fox and Butterfly image
  • Easy to assemble with instruction manual providing step-by-step guidance
  • Great for all ages, educative and decorative

Custom made to allow children to get in touch with art and aesthetics while playing. It not only helps develop children's imagination and hands-on skills but also brings joy to life.

Assembling this Fox and Butterfly Compatible LEGO Artwork allows you and your kids to experience the fun of LEGO bricks together. Feel the delight this innocent and optimistic picture brings while enjoying the beauty of life. It is sure to become an interactive décor that develops intelligence and spreads positive energy.

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