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Pixel Art of Dogs Compatible Lego Set - A Minimalist Pet-themed Decoration

Pixel Art of Dogs Compatible Lego Set - A Minimalist Pet-themed Decoration

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This is an imaginative compatible Lego pixel art set featuring lovely images of dogs in a minimalist style. Using high-quality Lego-compatible bricks, you can piece together the 16*16 grid for recreating these pet-themed pictures. Its versatile easel allows both tilted and upright display. 

With simple piecing skills, the bricks can be transformed into this minimalist pixel art design. This DIY decorative painting set sparks inspiration in a heartwarming way. It brings the sense of companionship of these faithful friends and unleashes imagination for both adults and children.

Decorate your space with this pet-themed gift! The multifunctional easel provides multiple display options to suit your space. This Lego pixel art set will brighten up your living and working environment. 

Product Features:      

  • Dogs: A minimalist recreation of the heartwarming images of dogs using Lego-compatible bricks.   
  • Multifunctional Easel: The frame allows both tilted and upright display. Provides multiple display options for your personalized artwork. 
  • Develops Skills: Simple piecing skills are required to transform the bricks into pixel art design. Unleashes creativity and imagination. Nurtures problem-solving ability.   
  • Minimalist Decoration: A pet-themed gift to bring a sense of companionship. Allows you to create a decorative piece of artwork to display. 
  • Ideal Gift: Ignites imagination and passion for pets. Perfect for both adults and children. 

Decorate your space with the pixel art of dogs compatible Lego set! A minimalist pet-themed decoration to inspire your affection for these faithful friends!  

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