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The Da Vinci Self-Portrait Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, with frame)

The Da Vinci Self-Portrait Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, with frame)

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This is a custom Da Vinci self-portrait pixel artwork made of 4096 Compatible LEGO bricks with 64*64 dots. Intricately created, this masterpiece vividly reproduces the classic self-portrait of Da Vinci with delicate colors and expressions, a visual feast for LEGO fans.

Product Details: 

  • Constructed with 4096 high-quality Compatible LEGO bricks 
  • Overall size: 52.8x52.8x1.6cm     
  • Area of dots: 64*64    
  • Comes with an integrated frame 
  • Based on Da Vinci's famous self-portrait 
  • Easy to assemble with instruction manual providing step-by-step guidance
  • Great for collection and creative gift for all  

Custom made for LEGO enthusiasts and arts and craft lovers with patience, this product showcases the glamour of digital art while being an art piece of high collection value. Assembling this Da Vinci Self-Portrait Compatible LEGO Artwork can not only satisfy your passion for Da Vinci and LEGO, but also take you on a visual journey of wonder that deserves your appreciation.  

The pixel artwork with Compatible LEGO bricks is undoubtedly the most appealing décor for LEGO fans. The uniqueness of this Da Vinci self-portrait artwork lies in incorporating the sublime and fanciful in one, delivering unexpectedly striking visual impacts. This is sure to become the holy grail for LEGO enthusiasts to pursue.

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