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32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Four Kinds of Heart-shaped Fruits" Pixel Art

32*32 Compatible Lego Pieces "Four Kinds of Heart-shaped Fruits" Pixel Art

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This is a piece of "Four Kinds of Heart-shaped Fruits" pixel art made of 32*32=1024 compatible Lego pieces, measuring about 26*26*1.6 cm. The picture shows four different fruits: strawberries, watermelons, lemons and kiwifruit, all in the shape of hearts, colorful and cute.

This is a decoration full of a refreshing and joyful summer atmosphere. The combination of different fruits and heart shapes expresses the little pleasures and sweet moments in life, which makes people feel cozy and comfortable. The arrival of summer reminds people of various fresh fruits. This work gives people a thirst-quenching and cooling feeling, which is very suitable as a home decoration to enhance the summer atmosphere.

Product Features: 

  •  Uses compatible Lego pieces, safe, reliable and meets the standard size of Lego pieces.  
  • The theme of "Four Kinds of Heart-shaped Fruits" uses the image of strawberries, watermelons, lemons and kiwifruit in the shape of hearts. 
  • 32*32 pieces, a total of 1024 Lego pieces, moderate difficulty to assemble, fine processing, highlighting extraordinary handmade craftsmanship. 
  • Suitable for people who like the fresh and romantic summer atmosphere. Can be used as artworks or collections. 
  • Exquisite and romantic packaging echoes the theme of the work, highlighting a youthful and vibrant atmosphere.

This work takes colorful fruits as the protagonist, which can surely bring coolness and coziness on hot summer days. Welcome friends who love summer and life art to buy! We will provide you with a refreshing and sweet shopping experience.

Sincerely thank you for your feedback and correction. According to your instructions, I modified the types of fruits in the description, as follows: 

We sincerely thank you for your feedback, which helps us describe product information more accurately. We will continue to learn and improve. Your valuable opinions are extremely important to us. We welcome your continued fair advice and guidance in the future. We will do our best to provide information that is closer to the actual product. Thank you for your help and support!

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