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48*48 Dot Handmade Diamond Painting Golden Carp Customized Chinese Feng Shui Themed Artwork

48*48 Dot Handmade Diamond Painting Golden Carp Customized Chinese Feng Shui Themed Artwork

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This is a 48*48 dot customized handmade diamond painting. The theme chooses the image of golden carp, one of the traditional Chinese Feng Shui elements. The painting is decorated with 48*48 high-quality diamond dots, bright colors, vividly depicting the golden carp. The simple wooden picture frame adds Chinese style, decorated with cross patterns around, elegant and generous.

Product details:  

  • 48*48 high-quality diamond dots, a total of 2304 
  • Simple wooden Chinese style picture frame, with cross pattern decoration around
  • Provide diamond painting tools for DIY 
  • Handmade, bright colors, vivid golden carp shape
  • Chinese Feng Shui golden carp image, traditional Chinese theme 
  • Material: ABS, 26 cutting surfaces, with real diamond luminous effect
  • Size: 16.5*16.5*2.7CM
  • Customized Chinese Feng Shui themed artwork with high ornamental value 

This decorative painting chooses the golden carp image from traditional Chinese Feng Shui. 48*48 high-quality diamond dots depict the shape of the golden carp vividly, with colors just right. The luminous effect of real diamonds makes the picture level clear, the golden color of the golden carp and the brilliance of diamonds complement each other, and the scenery is beautiful. The Chinese style picture frame and decorative patterns set off the whole picture elegantly and nobly.  

This is a decoration that integrates traditional Chinese culture and modern craftsmanship. It contains Feng Shui wisdom and artistic aesthetics, making every corner of life full of "harmony" atmosphere. It will surely become an indispensable scenery in your living space, bringing happiness, health and the beauty of life. 

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