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64x64 Pixel "Basketball into the Hoop" Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kit

64x64 Pixel "Basketball into the Hoop" Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kit

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This diamond painting kit allows you to create a dynamic basketball sports scene - a basketball is just going into the hoop! The 64*64 canvas vividly depicts the thrilling moment of the ball spinning and dropping into the basket. Shining diamonds are applied to highlight the swift motion of the ball, the rustle of the net as well as the arches and rim of the hoop. 

Product Features: 

  • 64*64 high quality ABS diamonds with 26 cutting surfaces capture the fast-pacing motion and exciting details of a basketball game. A fun way for sports fans to express their passion for basketball.      
  • The wooden frame made of natural wood complements this lively sports masterpiece.
  • Easy to assemble with all dotting tools and instructions provided in English and Chinese. An enjoyable and engaging craft project for crafters of all skill levels.
  • Vibrant image size 21*21*2.7CM makes a perfect wall decor to showcase your artistic creation. 
  • A thrilling gift for basketball aficionados and craft hobbyists. Relive your love of the game through assembling this stunning diamond painting kit bit by bit. 

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