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Ancient Chinese Carriage Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

Ancient Chinese Carriage Compatible LEGO Artwork (64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

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This is a custom Ancient Chinese Carriage pixel artwork made of 4096 Compatible LEGO bricks with 64*64 dots. The picture depicts an ornate ancient Chinese carriage, vividly recreating the essence and artistic charm of traditional Chinese culture.

With its unique cultural connotations and artistic appeal, this decorative painting is sure to add a touch of ancient romance and evoke people's love and nostalgia for traditional culture.

Product Details: 

•Constructed with 4096 high-quality Compatible LEGO bricks 
•Overall size: 52.8x52.8x1.6cm     
•Area of dots: 64*64      
•Assembled frame also made from LEGO bricks      
•Based on the Ancient Chinese Carriage creative image 
•Easy to assemble with instruction manual providing step-by-step guidance 
•Great for all ages, culturally meaningful and visually artistic

This custom Compatible LEGO pixel artwork presents the charm of the ancient Chinese carriage with traditional cultural elements and unique artistic images, allowing people to appreciate the rich cultural charm and artistic conception during assembly. It is suitable not only as an office or living room décor but also an artwork with profound cultural connotations.

Assembling this custom "Ancient Chinese Carriage" Compatible LEGO Artwork allows you to experience the fun of LEGO bricks and feel the charm and artistic conception of ancient Chinese culture in the picture. It is sure to become a décor that enhances life interest and evokes cultural memories. 

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