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Double-Flying Double-Nesting Compatible LEGO Artwork(64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

Double-Flying Double-Nesting Compatible LEGO Artwork(64*64 dots, Assembled Frame)

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This is a custom Double-Flying Double-Nesting pixel artwork made of 4096 Compatible LEGO bricks with 64*64 dots. The picture depicts two white birds nesting side by side, cuddling up to each other, warm and natural. Perfect as a décor for a space needing harmony and coziness.

Product Details:

  • Constructed with 4096 high-quality Compatible LEGO bricks      
  • Overall size: 52.8x52.8x1.6cm     
  • Area of dots: 64*64        
  • Assembled frame also made from LEGO bricks         
  • Based on the Double-Flying Double-Nesting creative image   
  • Easy to assemble with instruction manual providing step-by-step guidance
  • Great for all ages, visually soothing and decorative

This custom Compatible LEGO pixel artwork presents the theme of life coexistence and mutual assistance in a heartwarming way, allowing people to feel spiritual comfort during assembly. It is not only suitable as a living room or bedroom décor but also an artwork full of life wisdom.

Assembling this custom "Double-Flying Double-Nesting" Compatible LEGO Artwork allows you to experience the fun of LEGO bricks and feel the theme of life sharing and mutual aid in the picture. It is sure to become a décor that enhances life flavor and soothes your mood. 

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