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The Son of Man Compatible Lego Pixel Art DIY Decorative Painting Set

The Son of Man Compatible Lego Pixel Art DIY Decorative Painting Set

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This is an innovative compatible Lego pixel art set inspired by Rene Magritte's famous surrealist painting "The Son of Man". Using high-quality Lego-compatible bricks, you can piece together the 16*16 grid not only for the artwork but also for its easel which allows both tilted and upright display. Presented in a Lego pixel form is the surreal and thought-provoking portrait and its multi-functional frame.

With simple piecing skills, the bricks can be transformed into Rene Magritte's iconic surrealist masterpiece and its ingenious presenter. This all-in-one DIY decorative painting set sparks imagination and invites philosophical thinking in an unconventional way for both adults and children. 

Product Features: 

  •  Recreate Rene Magritte's "The Son of Man" and its frame in compatible Lego pixel art style.
  • Constructed with high-quality Lego-compatible bricks for both artwork and frame.
  • The completed artwork is sized 16*16 grid, approximately 14.5*14.5*1.6cm.
  • Multi-functional frame allows both tilted and upright display. 
  • A creative gift to inspire surreal imagination and philosophical thinking. 
  • DIY decorative painting set suitable for adults and children.

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